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 Hates Big Guide

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PostSubject: Hates Big Guide   Tue Mar 09, 2010 11:21 am

ok first I know I use the word big alot Laughing

seeing as a i am Biggest player in alliance i almost never get atked ever for 1 reason
rule 1 ALWAYS fleetsave
Rule 2 may not be so obvious but when u fleetsave send ur res with ur fleet
Rule 3 collect from ur mines at least once every 12 hours I keep cargoes able to carry 12 hours of mine production on each planet
Rule 4 always give ur self extra time when u fleetsave just in case there is a ninja waiting for you. you can quickly fleetsave b4 it arrives most ninjas are about 30 seconds late
Rule 5 if u dont have a moon deploy recall between ur planets if u have a moon harvest from ur moon to debries

so when i follow these 5 simple rules i dont get atked EVER since i am not a profit to anyone btw my planets all have at least 5 pts on them untill u get pts dont expect to not get atked unless u have less then 100k res on ur planet

Upgrade ur mines more then anything else
i will add more as it pops into my head
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Hates Big Guide
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