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 About to create a fleet...

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PostSubject: About to create a fleet...   Wed Apr 07, 2010 4:03 pm

I am slowly getting to the point where my planet is fortified enough to deter people from farming me down for a few. Adventually i will get to my defensive goal. somewhere around ~

5000 RR
2500 LL
1000 HL
500 IC
50 GS
50 PS


But for fleets, I wanted to know what is a common build of fleets that most people go for

1000 battleships
666 Esp Probes?


I am curious I always put of "raiding" till I get a good mine/defense posture built up first... so I wanted to get some opinion
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PostSubject: Re: About to create a fleet...   Wed Apr 07, 2010 5:12 pm

There isnt a real basic ratio for fleeting, it first i always build up cargo's to raid inactives, and make sure that on my 2 main planets i got around 150 espionage probes all the time. then i just start building up battleships, cause they work well on planets with defense to get as low lost units possible, then mostly start building up battlecruisers, and occasionally bombers and destroyers. After that i began building fodder for those fieuw times they are needed.

My ratio goes something like this right now

Destroyer: Bomber: Battlecruiser:Battleship:light fighter

Still planing on building more battlecruisers, bombers and destroyers, but those will come after my first deathstar :p

Most of the times i use cargo/battleship/battlecruiser combo's for planets with defense, if the planets are really strong protected i go full force Wink
And for the barely defended planets i use cruisers, since light fighters will probably get some loses where cruisers will not.

Simulate every battle before you actually attack, you can do that here:


Remember, simulate first if you need fodder for an attack or not. i had battles where i could have lost hundreds of light fighters, but i only lost a dozen of battleships, that gave me a much bigger profit
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PostSubject: Re: About to create a fleet...   Wed Apr 07, 2010 8:06 pm

Your fleet ratio should reflect what you want to do with it. If you wanna crash fleets, you'll want to study the universe ratio, I haven't really looked around to figure out what everyone has. Though you'll wanna counter bc's because I'm guessing they're pretty prevalent, like they are in most universe. Though i have heard of one universe where one of the top fleeters has come full circle and gone back to mainly battleships, but that isn't us. EDIT: But usually the biggest fleet crasher is the battle cruiser, but you have to watch out of LF's and dessies if you go too heavy on them. DON'T BUILD ONLY ONE SHIP ALWAYS BALANCE YOUR FLEET!!

If you wanna go hit inactives and guys with alot of defense, go heavier on bombers, battleships, and fodder (if they use mostly RL's and LL's use LF's more, if there's alot of HL's and IC's use more HF's).

.... Getting kinda distracted, ill post some more in a bit
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PostSubject: Re: About to create a fleet...   

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About to create a fleet...
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